SpyX Style Portrait

Steps to Order:)

1. Choose the number of characters (People/Pets/Vehicles)
2. Choose Shoulder up / Full body style and Background Option
3. Choose Digital File Only or Canvas/Poster Item
4. Upload your pictures
5. Drop notes for all requirements (anime theme, reference characters, pose, costume, background).


✅ Highly communicative process
✅ Free modification until your 100% satisfaction
✅ Quick turnaround
✅ Museum quality canvas & fine art prints

Number of People/Pet: 1


Style: Shoulder Up

Shoulder Up
Full Body
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I always remember the excitement that I felt when I watched my first anime. We are a group of young artists who want to share our passion for the anime world with everyone. We provide high-quality service to create the most distinctive and special portraits that you will easily identify and cherish forever. Simply follow the process instruction, upload your pictures, click “Add to cart” and we will design your own creative journey!

Price Guide

Shoulder Up – USD 24.99 per Person/Pet

Full Body –  USD 34.99 per Person/Pet

Background – USD 10

For each anime theme, there are more than 20+ backgrounds to choose from ~

Custom Background – USD 40 per background

* This is for the digital download.


What is the process of the anime portrait commission?

Upon receiving your photos, we will commence the design of the artwork based on your requirements (theme, pose, uniform, background, etc.). You don't need to figure out everything in the beginning.
You will receive an LineArt to review and provide us your feedbacks. Based on your feedbacks, we will do the edits to make sure it reflects your ideas. You will then receive the artwork with details and coloring. Through this highly communicative way,  you participate in each step of the artwork so that we together ensure the artwork perfectly match your expectation.

Can I change the background?

Absolutely!  Due to the limited display room, we cannot show all the pre-set backgrounds in the option. we have an inventory of pre-set backgrounds. Please feel free to let us know if you want to change to another one, we will make the changes for you. There is also an option for customized background. When you have specific requirements for the background, we can certainly customize it for you.

What style do you draw?

We offer to draw all kinds of styles! You can do whatever you want with your portrait. We have no restrictions on your portrait. 

Do pet / anime character / vehicle count as a character?

Yes. Each of them is considered as a character in the anime portrait.

Is the revision free of charge? 

Yes. Our No.1 goal is to make our artworks to be your perfect gift. We will do everything we could that follows our policy to revise for free to meet your expectation!

What if I want to draw a group of more than 6 people? 

We can draw as many characters as you want! Due to the web page constraints, we are not able to list out all options. Please feel free to add multiple items into your cart by selecting the number of characters adding up to your desired number. For example, if you want to draw 9 characters, just select 1 item for 6 people, and another item for 3 people, adding background option to either of them, then place one single order containing both items. 

Don't have any idea about pose, character, costume and background?

Don't worry about that. we are a group of anime experts and young artists. we know all of the anime, cartoon, comic, game, etc. If you'd like us to provide some advise as part of the design process, we will choose the anime theme, character and pose for you. All you need to do is to review the artwork and provide your feedback during the process.

How long does the digital portrait to be drawn? 

For the digital artwork, it usually takes 5-7 business day after all information are collected(anime theme, characters,  pose, costume, style etc.). However, sometimes the whole process may extend to 10 business days depending on your revision requirements, or in special holiday season (such as Christmas).
If you have a specific timeline to meet, we have an option for you to make it prioritized (within 3-4 calendar days). 


How long does it take for Canvas/Poster/Mug/T-shirt? Where are they shipped to?

The usual delivery time for CANVAS / POSTER PRINTS is roughly 8-12 business days from the time you place the order.

The artwork could be printed on Canvas/Poster/Mug and more items. If you'd like to print on these stuffs by yourself, I will provide high resolution original digital artwork for any suitable size.  Alternatively,  we provide the high quality printing services and ship the physical products with free shipping to our clients all over the world. 

Commercial or Personal Use?

The final artwork is for personal use only, For any commercial purpose artwork, please contact us for a separate quote.